Our Philosophy, Our Practice


McGlynn Philosophy and Practice 1Whether in a consultation or coaching session, training environment or a facilitated meeting, we find that our clients can contribute their best if we have created conditions for their success.  Based on what we know about human beings, people prefer to direct their own actions and learning, so we guide them to their intrinsic knowledge, wisdom and imagination. We engage in meaningful dialogue, appreciative inquiries, and practical application. We use a variety of mediums to engage their many intelligences. And we look for ways that everyone can bring their voice, their unique life experiences, and their own preferred styles to each conversation we support.

To aid in the successful transfer of "knowledge to practice," we ask our clients to consider specific outcomes that have meaning to them, and remember times when they were at their best. We engage them to see connections, create action steps, hold space for both success and failure, recognize ways to be playful with their continuous learning loops, and be transformed through the spark of a learning community.

We know the power of focused energy, engaging and fun exchanges, a high bar for showing up as a leader, and stepwise processes that really anchor ideas and support accomplishments.  We help everyone understand how the brain works to process, sort and store information, how thoughts are formed, and habits created, how to notice and shift conscious and unconscious biases, and how to learn to respond rather than react.  The ability to align energies internally, and then align with others, fosters authenticity, ease and confidence.  Whether already motivated to try something new or feeling there are limited options, we create conditions for success for every group member. 

Woven throughout our approach is our deep belief in equity.  Our colleagues at OpenSource Leadership define equity as a proactive, strategic approach that accounts for structural differences in opportunities, burdens, and needs, in order to fulfill the promise of equality for all.  We support our clients in the adoption of this approach to strengthen their leadership, leverage assets, and to light up their hearts, their communities, and the greater systems supporting their good work.

McGlynn Philosophy and Practice 2We believe you'll find working with us to be enlivening, possibility generating, and fun! When you participate in one of our services, you will join a community of leaders from across the country who have boldly stepped up and into their greatness and applied next level strategies, tools, and techniques to their everyday work.  Does this sound like a match to the kind of experience you'd like to have?  Great!  Join us!  We can't wait to get to work together! 

Our Team, Our Partners

McGlynn Leadership - Maggie McGlynn

Maggie McGlynn is President of McGlynn Leadership and has served a wide variety of non-profit and public sector groups, local communities, and organizations for the past twenty-eight years.  She has a mastery in design and facilitation of local, state, national and international meetings.  Maggie assists leaders, management groups, staff and communities to build effective teams, form collaborative partnerships, plan multi-community efforts, and host interactive forums.  Building on her success, Maggie now trains, facilitates and coaches leaders in their professional development, systems building and peer networking.

Schelli Whitehouse is a partner to McGlynn Leadership for Experiential Learning with Horses.  She brings her expertise of coaching clients through engagement of horses for "on the ground only" experiential reflection.  She leads a team of other facilitators and equine specialists for design and delivery of our equine programs (in Raleigh, NC and on location) exploring leadership development, emotional intelligence, and teambuilding. 

Gita Gulati-Partee founded and leads OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc., a national consulting practice that amplifies the work of social justice groups as both units and agents of structural change. She is also a native North Carolinian and the daughter of immigrants from India. OpenSource researches, designs, and evaluates racial and social justice efforts, as well as builds capacity of organizations, movements, and leaders to advance racial and social justice. Gita Gulati-Partee and her team from OpenSource Leadership Strategies are a strategic thought partner to McGlynn Leadership, focusing on the design and delivery of educational sessions that build the equity capacity of leaders.

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