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You’re in the right place!  McGlynn Leadership provides coaching and capacity building services that will take you there.  Through our offerings we have supported individuals, teams, and entire systems in fun and transformative ways that build confidence, competence and cohesion. 

During our coaching sessions, we build on your strengths, call forward your best, and offer new mindsets to shift the way you show up as a leader, the way you engage others, and the way you spark the change you wish to see.  Our capacity building trainings target specific leadership skill sets that are critical for success, and they are guaranteed to produce significant achievements! 

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 Meeting Design & Facilitation: Great Meetings by You!

Meetings…can’t live with them, can’t live without them.  This training will provide a breakthrough in the ways you prepare for, lead and interact in meetings of any type.  But be careful, once you know how to create excellent meetings you will only want to be in ones you have designed!

  • Learn how to establish the conditions for meaningful and productive meetings with any group.
  • Develop and practice skills in designing conversations and activities to achieve specific outcomes and foster ways for all voices to be heard for honest and informed dialogue.
  • Create your own participant and facilitator agendas, engage in real-time facilitation practice, and receive peer feedback as well as coaching from the trainer.


Offered as a one-day introduction to refresh your approach, or three days on-site for a learning cohort of 12-16 participants.



Leadership Approaches for Working with Colleagues, Teams and Communities

How you show up as a leader, no matter what position you hold, can make a positive difference in how you work with others who are internal or external to your organization.  This training develops your understanding and skills in leadership frames that can enhance in-person and phone call meetings, staff gatherings and community engagements.  And you will notice how adopting these approaches help to bring balance to your personal and professional lives.

  • Study and practice leadership frames on ways to engage diverse participants, ask effective questions, listen for possibilities and shared interests, and bring out the best in people and situations.  
  • Cultivate a collaborative leader’s mindset that focuses on proactively seeking positive solutions, co-creating the future, making choices for the good of the whole, and developing abilities to inform decision-making.
  • Develop the art of using intentionality, inquiry, and dialogue in support of individual well-being, and sustainable organizations and communities.


Offered as a one-day introduction to refresh your approach, or three days on-site for a learning cohort of 12-16 participants.



Coaching for Individuals, Teams and Collaboratives

Does it feel like an outside support could be helpful to you, your team or a group you attend?  Need an ear that is attuned and dedicated to helping you access your strengths, wisdom and commitment?  You’re not alone!  Sometimes it is just a good idea to bring in someone you can trust to reflect and discover with isn’t it?  Good news: McGlynn Leadership is at the ready!  

Starting from a place of relatedness, we guide our clients through processes that empower and liberate, allowing you to discover breakthroughs in your thinking, believing and feeling.  Our supports will help you to ‘be the change you wish to see,’ identifying and nourishing your gifts and talents along the way.  And with teams of people, our strategies support the creation of shared definitions and practices that incorporate new habits and behaviors to shift team frames from problems to possibilities. 


Customized individual sessions and facilitated meetings, workshops and retreats for teams and collaboratives.


If you are ready to Lead, Leverage and Light Up

our McGlynn Leadership family of services is ready to support you.