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We can help!  We know what it takes when there are complex issues and you need to pull together thought leaders, cross-department staff, or local network leaders to guide decisions, deepen your work, or build your systems. McGlynn Leadership offers key supports to leverage the assets you and your partners bring to the table.  We offer consultation, facilitation and change management supports to help you reach the results you want, and specific tools that engage and enroll even the quietest of partners within your community and stakeholder groups. 

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Relationships, Dialogue and Alignment 

As a leader, you know the value in successfully convening and engaging your community of stakeholders, and it really helps when there is someone with a mastery of meeting design and facilitation on your side.  Here at McGlynn Leadership we pride ourselves on our expert skills in pulling people together to align and accomplish shared goals among various sectors, organizations or perspectives.  Anchored in our strengths-based philosophy and appreciative approaches, we apply technical strategies designed to foster group alignment that serves as a springboard to action. 

McGlynn Leadership Collaborative Team Approaches



Customized services for singular and multiple engagements. 

See the Whole to Know the Leverage Points 

Change.  It’s the only true constant, right?  The truth is….change is tricky, AND exciting!  How you initiate, plan, implement and measure the organizational change you desire takes a clear vision, identifiable outcomes, and commitment.  It also takes dedicated supports and resources to see it through to success.  One of the things we know from our years of supporting organizations through change is that working together to create profound shifts moves everyone toward greater power, health and vitality… and that rocks!  So, it’s important to find the right resources that will support your success. If you’re seeing change on the horizon in our state agency, nonprofit or private sector business, call on us to support your transformational work!  Our processes help you to identify the points of maximum leverage to reach your desired outcomes, and you’ll soon see and feel the buzz of momentum within staff and stakeholders alike! 

McGlynn Leadership Cohorts to Address Disparities



Transformation services are customized for individual clients.  

There is Method to our Magic!

Ahhhhhhhh meetings; we’re in them all the time! Yet half our time in them is wasted.  Imagine if that available energy were used to propel your projects, teams and good work forward.  What a shift that would be!  Here at McGlynn Leadership, we believe that the best meetings are the result of intentional work prior to the meeting itself, which shows up in the design of the meeting, which informs the delivery of the facilitation, which generates follow-up action – all to meet your group’s intended outcomes.  Our mastery of listening, hosting, using inquiry, sparking possibilities, identifying choice points and fostering alignment creates the conditions for meaningful dialogue that will mark your meetings as a success! 



Customized services for single and multiple engagements.

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