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Daring, passionate leadership and extraordinary results are already within you. How does that get ignited?  What can light up our hearts, our thought patterns, our authentic selves, and our energy for doing the good work of our lives?  McGlynn Leadership invites you to experience the world a little differently, to notice and expand your inherent abilities and curiosities, and be in a place of discovery. 

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Align Yourself for Authentic Leadership

Horses?!  Yes, experiential learning with horses!  Equine Guided Education (EGE) is an emerging field in which the horse “faculty”, along with coaches and equine specialists, guide your personal and professional growth and learning.  It is “groundwork only” (no riding), meaning you engage with the horses by observing, approaching, touching and leading them in a variety of ways.  The program is customized to your group’s interests in building relationships, aligning interests and working well together.  Experiential learning emphasizes all parts of the self, including body, emotions, thoughts and spirit.  Horses are intuitive beings that can show us in an instant when we are fooling ourselves and when we are on the right track, just like a mirror.  Using strengths-based approaches, your experience with the horses will help you discover innate abilities to move deeper into your own authenticity as a leader.


A two-day equine inspired leadership experience in Raleigh, NC and other states where facilities are available. 

Designed for groups of 12-16.  Scheduled for groups through a sponsoring organization(s).





Women; The Teachers We Are

Fun groups for gals who are curious about ways to make their way forward as leaders, are seeking a friendly space to stay connected, and want to explore intriguing topics.  Circle Conversations are a gift of reflection, contemplation and enlivening exchanges.  With a small number of attendees, monthly video conversations emerge with ease and expand naturally in the direction of most interest to the group.  Our friendly facilitators will invite you to dive deep and consider your own perspectives, listen to viewpoints you may have not measured before, and shift your frame into the most resourceful state.  


Designed for women leaders and their colleagues with shared interests or those who have an existing network who wish to further develop their connections.

New groups form regularly based on interest.

In-person retreats can be scheduled as requested.

Individual payment.




Now More Than Ever

Pretty wild world we live in, eh?  Learning to manage your own energy can really be helpful, especially when it can influence the people that you interact with as well.  What would it mean to you to learn to get centered and grounded, and know how to turn up the dials to become refreshed and renewed?  How would clearing out old thoughts and stuck memories free up space for you to be more loving to yourself and others? Curious?  Shift your consciousness and increase your energy flow today!

Customized individual sessions, as well as workshops and retreats for sponsored groups. 



If you are ready to Lead, Leverage and Light Up

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