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 Facilitation Training

My Presence

I spend more time clarifying my goals and intentions of the meeting, both as a leader and as a participant. I have also considered who might be in the room and who might be missing. I listen more attentively for underlying assumptions.

Practical Skills

Some of the very practical facilitation skills that I learned have proven to be very valuable. I am often surprised at how seemingly basic things can make such a positive impact.  I have a much deeper “toolkit” to draw from now than I did before.

Successfully Facilitate

For me, I learned how to successfully facilitate meetings. Analyzing a successful meeting and knowing what worked (i.e. how to prepare, follow up, engage partners at the table), was really helpful.

Leadership Training

Much More Confident

I see the impact on my leadership style and work in big and small ways. I am leading a large project totally differently as a result of the program.  And I interact differently with my board and staff and community partners in subtly different but much more positive and productive ways. I feel so much more confident with my leadership skills.

Space for Questions

The most important thing I learned from today was that providing the space to ask questions is simultaneous with change.

Coaching Services


I’ve learned that the community partners really want to help. When we have community issues people really want to be a part of something that can have a positive outcome. The “host not hero” attitude draws people into the conversation in new ways.

Building Blocks

A great new learning for me was that inquiries, questions really, are the building blocks of change.

Voice Matters

The examples of how to put the tools into practice were the best for me. The constant appreciation and reminders of why we are here, why our voice matters, and how we are creating a better future were invaluable.

Applying the Tools

I gained ways to strengthen my skills today. I knew we would learn tools but applying the tools and putting them into practice was great and not expected.

Stakeholder Engagement

Strength from the Inside

Having shared language and a shared frame of reference has given us new tools for working together and developing new solutions. It is inspiring to see such a large and complex organization be strengthened from the inside.

Building Trust

I learned a renewed sense of the importance of positivity and authenticity, and how both lead to building trust.

Sense of Possibility

For our organization, these trainings opened the staff up to a sense of possibility and optimism they’ve never felt before, and have also made their work in communities more aligned and effective. They learned how to appreciate each other and interact differently and how to become more cohesive as a team of leaders. They’ve completely transformed the way we do our work together. It’s been a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

Change Management

Affirming Process

The consultation affirmed the philosophy I embrace as a leader, while also being full of practical tools and applications for putting that into action. Personally, I gained a deeper understanding and commitment to racial equity work. Our community’s ongoing commitment to using that lens in how we frame discussions, advocate for funding, and challenge our systems has given me a renewed faith and commitment to the work.

My Own Story

An unexpected learning for me was to think about my life’s journey, consider my own story and how it influences today’s work and life.

Changed Thinking

This is not a process that is left behind when it is completed.  It changed how I think about addressing issues and provide tools that can help in finding solutions. Very valuable!

Consultation and Facilitation

Comradarie Established

The comradery that has been established has been a “breath of fresh air.” The support provided by our facilitators, as well as other participants, has been so helpful. Friendships have developed that will continue, even when the sessions end.


I became unexpectedly emotionally invested in this group and setting; it felt so safe and nurturing. I will miss it so much. I thought I would be glad when it was completed but I am not.

Learn and Share

I appreciated the ability to interchange ideas and have provocative question asked frequently. Being able to learn and share with one another was very helpful.

Experiential Learning with Horses

A New Method of Leading

Experiential learning with horses brought insight to the concept of whole-heartedness. The training allowed me to experience a new method of leading with the brain, heart and gut. Combining the three areas creates a powerful leadership opportunity.

Healthy Boundaries

For me, I learned that boundaries are an essential part of self-care! People respect clear boundaries and thus you feel safe and respected.

Feelings, Emotions and Energy

The best part for me was to be able to explore my own feelings, emotions, and energy level and learn to moderate these, not stuff them. I learned to acknowledge them and work with them.

Circle Conversations

Renewed Energy

I have a renewed energy about the work that I am doing. I’m excited to go back to work in my community.

Curiosity Level

My curiosity level is at an all-time high! There are so many things I am excited to follow up on. The overall experience I’ve had has been so positive.

Energy Management

Shared Learning Space

This was a great shared learning space. I appreciated the most gentle and easy encouragement to connect with others in the group.

Faith in Myself

The most important thing I learned was to be a confident leader and have faith in myself. I learned to be grounded and live in the present, and feel comfortable and lose my anxiety.  I was able to release tension.

Got the Power

Wow. The power of managing personal energy, having awareness and choosing.  How powerful a tool our own energy can be! And the power and complexity of group energy and intention.  It was simply amazing to me! What a confidence builder.

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